Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are Halo-to-Geaux’s products EPA registered?

Not only are Halo-to-Geaux’s products registered but they are also EPA approved. Products have been extensively tested and validated by well-known and reputable third party laboratories to function as advertised and labeled.

Why fog versus spray and wipe?

There is enough evidence to show that spray and wipe is not an effective process for disinfection. While spray and wipe are necessary for cleaning, more contemporary methods such as fogging for whole room disinfection are needed to assure that all surfaces, whether visible or not, are reached and pathogens are eliminated.

Is the HaloFogger safe to use around sensitive healthcare equipment and computer keyboards?

The HaloFogger produces a dry mist which when used as directed, does not condense or corrode and can be effectively used in healthcare settings, including patient’s rooms, waiting areas, treatment rooms and operating rooms.

Why use peroxide based products versus chlorine?

There are many advantages of using peroxide versus chlorine for disinfection. In healthcare and surface disinfection applications, Halo-to-Geaux’s peroxide based disinfection products are EPA approved for fogging. By fogging versus spray and wiping, the product reaches every surface in a room whether visible or not and thus minimizes the impact of human labor inconsistencies. These products are effective, odor-free, economical, do not condense or corrode, have a long shelf life and are safe to use around sensitive equipment. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water and is safe for people and the environment.

Chlorine bleach, while a powerful disinfectant, produces harmful and toxic disinfection by-products. Other issues with chlorinated products include strong odor and corrosion, making them unsuitable for fogging application.

When used in water treatment applications such as drinking water, consumers notice an unpleasant taste and odor. In industrial water treatment applications, the short shelf life and limited efficacy against biofilm create challenges that can be solved with peroxide-based Halo-to-Geaux products.